The  Sites History

Whether or not you remember my old site, there is a lot of history with this webpage which has been severely reduced. A brief timeline:

  • In 2016, I started the site as a way to document my pursuit of efficient quadcopter frame design
    • I started with pages for each project – I estimate a total of about 20 projects
    • Since my projects were very quickly put together (in order to quickly prove out and idea), the original site name was Down and Dirty Drones. I figured once I was ready to refine the design(s), I would choose a better name.
    • I also did a few product review articles, all outdated now
  • In 2017, I started a Drone Physics Series which I hope to revamp and post again
  • In 2018, I broke the world record for fastest battery operated quadcopter with the XLR-1 project
    • Although I corresponded with Guinness for almost 2 years, there was a slight technicality that could not easily be resolved
  • While waiting for Guinness to approve my speed record, I decided to design some quadcopter race frames
    • The site was changed to Quad Star Drones – It just worked really well with the way the frames were designed
    • I sold my first frame at the end of 2018
  • After a disappointing end to the frame kits and speed record application, the web store was closed and my domain name was not renewed (was
  • I continued research and figured it was time to give the record attempt another try. On the bright side, this attempt will be 20-30mph faster than my last attempt

The Vision

To gain a better understanding of the relationship between frame design and flight characteristics of quadcopters; to help initiate the next generation of frame designs.

The Person

I became enthralled with the Hubsan X4’s I bought my kids for Christmas of 2014. I then built my first drone in February of 2015 and I played around with different configurations but was never satisfied with the design of the frame (example: flat arms). After that, I never assembled a frame the way it was intended. In October of 2015, I began to put more thought into the frames and I built the Mark V which was a precursor to the F1 frame (project page down at this time). Being a mechanical engineer, machine vision programmer, robot programmer, and even having completed pre-med, I think I have found a hobby to satisfy my brain activity. However, most of my time is devoted to my children.


3 thoughts on “About

    1. downanddirtydrones says:

      Thanks Vas, much appreciated! Being more intuitive and an independent thinker, I found it EXTREMELY surprising how well these frame designs have done. I only hope these ideas are applied elsewhere to help the hobby improve.


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