Project B1


This is the fastest frame I have built to date (113mph/182kph). As of right now, I am unaware of any other frame that has hit these speeds using a 4s lipo battery (I am not sure what the Nissan 115mph quad was using, all I can find is “1400 mah battery”)

Update: the Nissan quad was using a 5s lipo battery (thanks to SirCrashaLot for the info!)

This is the first completely custom designed frame I have built.The goal for this project was all about speed and set out to test out the following design features:

  1. Inverted front motors to align CG and CT – explanation is here.
  2. Lightweight frame (75g) using two 10mm diameter carbon fiber arms (1 solid arm for the front, 1 for the back). Explanation for round arm concept is here.
  3. Pylon type motor mounts (detailed explanation is in the works)
  4. Quality ESC’s that do not need direct air flow to stay cool
  5. Adjustable motor angle to reduce the cross section (as viewed in the direction of movement) at high pitch angles
  6. Streamlined design including motor wires running through the arms



Under the body, the build is far from clean since I was cramming everything into such a tight space. The GPS antenna is hidden from view (behind the rear arm). It is basically mounted at a 45° angle from the receiver. This is an attempt to prevent it from losing satellite reception when pitched at different angles. Initial results were mixed and I originally had it mounted at 30° which interfered with the slipstream.



This was the first day out with the B1. At the time I was using the Emax RS2205 2300kv motors:


This is the latest speed run that wasn’t supposed to be a speed run (never thought I would break 100 lugging around a Go Pro). I used the Brotherhobby T2 tornado 2206 2300kv motors:

Blackbox Data

4 thoughts on “Project B1

  1. Landon Maurer says:

    Hey is there any way I could buy a frame off you. All of the frames look really awesome would love to build one when I had some money


    1. downanddirtydrones says:

      I would love to be able to build frames and sell them, but the motor mounts on this frame are a very weak design and do not hold up very well in a crash. However, my biggest problem right now is time – I hardly have the time to build/repair the frames that I have! I will keep it in mind though during the winter – who knows, things might change


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