Since this is a derivative of the VX1, please visit the VX1 page for detailed info on the build.

May 23, 2017: I was astonished to see today that (after reviewing blackbox) motor 2 is the only motor hitting 100% at WOT. Others are at 82%. It does sound a bit different when throttling it thru the Betaflight configurator but it is definitely not a bearing. Either the ESC is damaged or the motor. The motor wires did get yanked on in a crash on an unnamed project awhile back so maybe that is where the damage occured. Hard to believe there is still untapped power to release.

This is the stretch version of the VX1. Arms are rougly at a 30° angle. This, I am assuming, will be the funnest frame to fly since it is optimized for general flying/racing. First day out it hit 119mph. It was really 118.6, but I like to round my numbers… PIDs also need a little tuning.

May 16, 2017: Still Needs a Tune Up

Flew for the first time on a 5s today and hit 135.6MPH – with some help from the wind.This was actually disappointing since winds were gusting up to 20mph. However, a further look at blackbox told the story…

Motor 2 is WAY out of alignment. Motor 2 at 100% throttle was at 100%, but all other motors were only around 70% (essentially, only 77.5% of available power was being used).

Blackbox capture 01


The Ugly Duckling

The S doesn’t stand for sexy. The head on this one is definitely not pretty, but I did what I could to protect the FC. As long as it does the job, I’m happy.

VXS 02a

VXS 08

VXS 07

VXS 04

VXS 05

VXS 06

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