July 9, 2017: Scrapped

This was a very bad attempt to make a stronger VX1 frame and failed. I actually scrapped/merged this project with the VXV project.

June 26, 2017: Work in progress. I am not so sure I can call it a tank yet, but I have had a couple crashes  with minimal damage. Also plowed through some tree branches (props had some big dents). Only time will tell how well it holds up. More info later, only pics for now…

Raising the Bar on the Speed Record

Since the VX1 is now in the boneyard, I plan on putting the APC Speed 400 5050 props on the VXT to see what they can do. If calculations are correct, it should hit 165 mph with a 5s. Just waiting for calm winds…

The VX”Tank”

This is basically a copy of the VX1, but I want this one to be a more all around flyer. VX1 is a blast to fly, has strength, but needs a little more reinforcement. I was still surprised that, after a 100 foot free fall (due to a faulty antenna), the VX1 had minimal damage (or so I thought). Unbelievably the motors were as solid as a rock, but the vtx was smashed since it took a direct hit on the tail. The body tube had a couple cracks in it (which is no surprise after a fall like that) which led to its demise since it compromised the strength of the whole frame… Also, take offs and landings with the VX1 are a bit awkward.


  • Reinforce the main body tube (not much needed, more for reassurance)
  • Protect the video tx better than the VX1
  • Protect the flight controller and FPV cam better than the VX1
  • Eliminate the need for a specialized take off platform (rear nose cone can still be attached for speed runs)

Equipment differences:

  • Slightly shorter frame body (2mm)
  • “Breakaway” nose cone to prevent any serious damage in a hard crash
  • Wraith32 35A ESCs

VXT 01

VXT 02

VX Lipo Mod
Modded batteries (required for all VX series frames)

VXT 03


VXT 04


VXT 05


VXT 06


VXT 07

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